Kitchen Injuries

Burns, cuts, and some times gas explosions are some of the common Kitchen Injuries that we see with Hotel & Restaurant worker making compensation claims. Most kitchen injuries are very serious in nature and can result in time away from work. Read : How a workers compensation lawyer can help after a restaurant injury

Featured Restaurant Injury Lawyers

The Carse Law Firm
Coplan & Crane
The Slechter Law Firm
The Great Foods Featured Law Firms are some of the best in the country for dealing with injuries, burns and food poisoning caused in restaurants and hotels.

Hotel Worker Injuries

Hotel workers may run into back and spine injuries more often, these are an absolute nightmare when it comes to filing for workers compensation. Hotel Employees will in many cases want to contact an attorney due to the complexity of filing a compensation claim. Read More: Workers compensation for injured hotel workers

Featured Restaurant Attorney Richard McKinney

Seattle Restaurant Accident Attorney Richard McKinney Is On Your Side Seattle, WA accident lawyer Richard McKinney understands that most people never expect to deal with such an injury. When people visit a restaurant in Seattle or surrounding cities, the last thing on their mind is being involved in a dangerous accident of any type. But restaurant accidents are surprisingly common and cover a wide range. A slip and fall accident can result from water or other liquids being spilled on the floor by a clumsy patron or server in a rush. See Personal Injury Lawyer Seattle Premises liability issues may arise if a restaurant knowingly serves expired food, a guest suffers accidental burn injuries, or if someone is assaulted at a restaurant.

Hotel & Restaurant Guest Accidents

Its not always Hotel & Restaurant workers whom are injured. In many cases guests can injured and have rights just like you do. Here is a common list of Hotel & Restaurant accidents & injuries. While Out To Dinner I Was Injured , Can I File A Lawsuit For The Accident?