Hotel Workplace Injuries More Common Than In Many Other Jobs

Working in a hotel can be a challenging job, as staffers scramble to keep guests happy. Hotel work has its rewards for those who like to stay busy on the job and meet individuals from all walks of life.

The hotel industry, however, can pose serious risks for workers. Hotel workers actually have an injury rate 25 percent higher than all service workers, according to studies. And while some hotels may appear glamorous to visitors, the work can be gritty. If you or someone you know was injured at a hotel, talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer. Most on-the-job injury attorneys provide free consultations.

Housekeepers experience the most on-the-job hotel injuries, according to a study published recently in The American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Most housekeepers are women, and research shows they are 50 percent more likely to be injured than men who work at hotels. Researchers even found that Latina women are twice as likely to be injured compared to white women working as housekeepers.

Workers compensation for injured hotel workers can help pay for lost wages and medical benefits. An injury in a motel or hotel can happen quickly. A housekeeper may need to life a mattress that can weigh more than 100 pounds. Housekeepers also are required to push heavy carts down carpeted hallways. Their job entails bending to clean tubs and floors. It’s no surprise that an attendant who may clean dozens of rooms a day may experience permanent injuries or repetitive motion injuries.

Housekeepers have a nearly 8 percent injury rate each year, which is twice the rate for all workers in the United States.  The study found that Latina housekeepers experienced a high rate of injuries – 10.6 percent. Researchers also found that Asian housekeepers also had a relatively high injury rate – 7.3 percent. By comparison, white housekeepers’ injury rate was 6.3 percent and the rate for black housekeepers was 5.5 percent. The study did not specify why Hispanic women or Asians were more prone to injury.

Workers’ compensation lawyers say hotel injuries should never be ignored. Sometimes a manager of a hotel may try to convince a worker that the injury did not occur on the job. It’s important to discuss a hotel workplace injury with an experienced lawyer promptly. A delay may affect your right to pursue compensation.